Media Reviews

Media Reviews

Read some of the world's most impressive reviews that accurately tell stories about Croatia, it's magnificent natural beauty and very memorable cuisine. Find out everything through the words of enthusiastic journalists that will never forget their fond memories of Croatia.

1. WASHINGTON POST SOCIAL READER: Split, Croatia is a city at ease with its rich history
Their rainbow-colored blossoms are a dramatic contrast to the blue-green tint of nearby islands that float on the Adriatic like sun-seekers on air mattresses. Orange roofs in the city 200 metres down are foreground for the lavender hues of the surrounding Dinaric Alps.

2. NEW YORK TIMES: 36 hours in Dubrovnik, Croatia
Jutting out on a peninsular chunk of the Dalmatian coastline, the former Republic of Ragusa is a Venetian Gothic marvel. Columned porticoes and loggias rim marble-paved Renaissance squares buffed to a sheen by centuries of foot traffic.

3. LONELY PLANET: PULA - Sun, Caesar and Sand in Croatia
Still standing in the centre of town is a Roman amphitheatre, where gladiators fought to the death and condemned prisoners were gored by wild animals.

4. LONELY PLANET – Opatija, the queen of the Adriatic
The grand residences of the wealthy are now hotels that offer a healthy dose of the elegance and sophistication of a bygone age. This is a good place to splurge on a hotel as you have virtually no chance of landing in one of the concrete boxes that litter so many coastal resorts.

5. THE SUNDAY TIMES: Balkan bliss in Croatia!
With a coastline to rival Greece, the sunshine you’d expect in Spain or Portugal and Italian-influenced food and architecture, Croatia might be the best place in Europe to enjoy the Mediterranean lifestyle.

6. THE GUARDIAN: Croatia's TOP 5 holiday islands
Croatia's stunningly beautiful islands tend to get overrun in peak season, but late August and September are the perfect time to enjoy warm waters, ancient towns and fantastic food.

7. SUNDAY TIMES TRAVEL MAGAZINE: British Sunday Times Travel Magazine chooses Croatia as 3rd European destination with the most beautiful beaches
Readers of the British Sunday Times Travel Magazine have recently proclaimed Croatia the third best European destination with the most beautiful beaches, in the "European Beach Destination" category.

8. BBC TRAVEL – Istria, the Heart of Croatia
Farmhouses are opening their doors to visitors looking for an authentic holiday experience, rustic taverns in the middle of nowhere serve up slow-food delights, and Croatia's top winemakers provide tastings in their cellars.

9. Lonely Planet's top 10 regions in 2011 - ISTRIA
Tone Tuscany down a notch or two – thin the tourist hordes, lower the prices, sprinkle a little mystique – and you get Istria. Shaped like a heart, this Italian-flavoured peninsula of 3600 sq km is where continental Croatia meets the Adriatic. In summer months, the sun-and-sea set storms the resort-lined coast, or so-called ‘blue Istria’. For art, food, wine and an offbeat vibe, head to the interior, nicknamed ‘green Istria’ – a bucolic dream of rolling hills, hilltop villages, rural B&Bs and farmhouse restaurants.

10. NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC: Plitvice lakes among 20 best trips in 2011
Additional water wonders await those willing to travel inland (a four-hour bus ride from the coast) to the mountainous, eastern Plitvice Lakes region, site of Croatia’s first and largest national park.

11. LONELY PLANET: Introducing Zagreb, charming capital of Croatia
Too often overlooked by tourists making a beeline for the coast, Zagreb is a fascinating destination on its own, combining the best of Eastern and Western Europe. As the political, economic and cultural capital of Croatia, the city throbs with energy but has retained a good deal of old-world graciousness.

12. LONELY PLANET – Varaždin as NR. 1 in Croatia
Admire the scrupulously maintained baroque architecture of Croatia's one-time capital.

13. WORLD TRAVEL ADVISOR: Amazing Plitvice Lakes
The park is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List is indeed a remarkable charm. In the area of Plitvice Lakes, traveler will receive a special presentation and a complete natural in one place. Panorama of the lake, waterfalls, and forests into one very slick package in the Plitvice Lakes. Do not miss your trip to this Amazing Plitvice Lakes in Croatia when set foot in Croatia.

14. WINE ENTHUSIAST MAGAZINE: Croatia in living color!
A culture that combines aspects of Italy and Eastern Europe and a beauty all its own, the land of Marco Polo rewards the visitor in search of great wine and food.

15. MEDITERRANEAN NEWS: Split voted Croatia's 2012 Champion
The southern coastal city of Split has been voted the best tourist destination on the Croatian Adriatic coast in 2012.

16. BBC TRAVEL: Living in Croatia
The shining jewel of the Adriatic, Dubrovnik, is for many reasons one of the most popular destinations: its gorgeous cliff-top setting, its history as a rival city-state to Venice and its honey-coloured roofs.

17. BBC TRAVEL – The flavours of the Croatian Coast
Croatian food is a savoury smorgasbord of taste. Where it really stands out is along the Adriatic coast, famed for its seasonal ingredients, unique specialties and Mediterranean flair.

18. THE HUFFINGTON POST: Top 10 Travel Destinations For 2012 According To Facebook
No trip would be complete without wandering through the Old City of Dubrovnik; this walled section of the city dates back centuries and includes Renaissance churches, Gothic palaces, monumental forts and much more.

19. GLOBO REPORTER: Croácia impressiona pelos cenários que mudam a cada olhar
Apesar de suas imensas muralhas, a Croácia se abre para o mundo. Mostrando sua natureza intocada, suas florestas cortadas por águas cristalinas e cidades que guardam o charme do Velho Continente.

20. EALTH & TOURISM MAGAZINE: Croatia in top 5 world's destinations
Republik Kroasia dikenal dengan sebutan demikian dikarenakan bentuknya jika dilihat dari pantauan udara layaknya bulan sabit yang terletak di Eropa Tengah.
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