Ogulin – the homeland of fairytales is located in the centre of continental Croatia only 2 km from the Zagreb-Spilt highway. We are here at your fingertips! There are many reasons to come and discover our region.

If you want top recreational sports facilities, enjoy a unique and magical landscape and our gastronomic delights, learn about the history and customs, hold a conference or seminar, run team building courses etc. If you want an active holiday, for weekends, for a day or just a stop-off on your journey to the coast, come and enjoy!

The geographical position of the Ogulin vales, located at the transition from Gorski Kotar into Lika, is also noted in the way of life of the people from Ogulin and their regional affiliations – not typical of Gorski Kotar or of Lika. This autonomy is best expressed in the song by an anonymous writer as: We are the sons of Klek, the fairy's echo, we are independent...

From the first written documents Ogulin is mentioned as the administrative, cultural, educational, economic, health, religious, military-defensive and transport centre of the wider region. The spirit of life then for the people of Ogulin was pleasant as it is today. They are proud of the legacy of their ancestors, carefully keeping the values and passing them down to their descendents.

The people of Ogulin have always attached great importance to gatherings and the wish for common progress.

The magical natural heritage of the Ogulin region, its turbulent historical events and interesting local happenings and its people, have always ignited the imagination of the inhabitants of Ogulin's surroundings. Folk traditions have also enriched every corner of our region and present us with the exceptional intangible heritage of our ancestors. The greatest contribution to raising the value of folklore was made by Ivana Brlić-Mažuranić in her autobiography and Priče iz davnine (Tales of Long Ago).

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