Island Krk

The "golden island", as the island of Krk has been called since ancient times, is the nearest island to western Europe. The island of Krk was referred to as the "Golden Island" because of its mild Mediterranean climate, geographical position and diversity of natural and cultural beauties. For its cultural heritage, it was also dubbed the "Cradle of the Croatian Culture" and at the beginning of the 20th century, some even started referring to this island as the "Sixth Continent". Since 1980. Krk has been connected with mainland with a 1400m long bridge made of reinforced concrete.

Since ancient times, it has been believed that the history of the island of Krk is connected to number seven: the island was inhabited by Croats in the 7th century; it successfully withstood seven pirate attacks; and the 7th in the line of the Frankopan dukes was the last Duke of Krk. Today, the island of Krk has seven major centers, the main of which is the city of Krk, former Roman municipality (municipium) and today an administrative, religious and economic center of the island as well as one of the most significant cultural and historical cradles. The old part of the town, which by its shape evokes the time of the Roman Empire when it was referred to as the "Shiny Town of the People of Krk", stands apart from modern hotel complexes, motor camps and contemporary architecture.

The island Krk has many different landscapes . The north part of the island is almost bare because of the strong wind called "bura", while the southernpart abounds with greenness and gentle bays. Inland, rocky hills alternate with fertile fields.This sort of relief favorably provides for the cultivation of grapes and the production of the well-known wine "Vrbnička Žlahtina."

The Island of Krk is a diverse island that offers variety of attractions and experiences, whether you like the culture, the nature or the upbeat tourist places: a thousand years old towns, small rural villages, well equipped city beaches, secluded swimming bays, lively bars and clubs and small and quiet restaurants and caffe bars.

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