Kornati Islands National Park

Kornati is the most dense group of islands in the whole of the Mediterranean.

It is located between the islands of Žirje, Dugi otok and Pašman. The archipelago is divided into two groups: Lower Kornati consisting of Kornat and surrounding islands and Upper Kornati made of Sit, Žut and surrounding islands. Because of the extraordinary beauty of landscape, the abundance of natural bays and the rich sea flora and fauna, out of 152 of the Kornati islands, 89 of them were declared a national park in 1980.

One of the most impressive natural phenomena on Kornati are cliffs on many islands of the Lower Kornati, facing open sea. The cliffs have always been referred to as "crowns" (corona) and that is probably where the name of Kornati originates from. The highest cliffs can be found on the island of Klobučar (80m high), Mana (65m) and Rašip veli (64m).The cliffs can reach even up to 100m under water.

Another attraction on Kornati are straits Mala and Vela Proversa (the Small and the Great Proversa), located between the islands of Kornat, Katina and Dugi Otok. Mala Proversa is actually a shallow, dug through for sailing even in Roman times. Many archaeological findings can still be seen there, like the remains of buildings and a vivarium from the 1st century A.D. A very unique thing to be seen is the so-called Vela ploča (the Great Plate) or Magazinova škrila, a 9,100m2 large, even, bear surface of limestone. It is located near Metlina (237m), the highest peak on Kornati.

The first Sunday in July is the day when the congregation of Murter go on a pilgrimage to Tarac and their votive ship procession is surely one of the most beautiful religious events in Croatia. Although the Kornati islands are not permanently inhabited, there are a few laborer's and fisherman's houses scattered around quiet, well preserved bays on islands like Žut, Sit, Kornat and the surrounding smaller islands. Nowadays, these houses have been made into restaurants and accommodation and have become the favorite destination of navigators and other tourists.

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