Mixture of Continental and Seaside Senses (Zagreb, Trakošćan Castle, Varaždin, Ljubljana and Opatija)

Mixture of Continental and Seaside Senses (Zagreb, Trakošćan Castle, Varaždin, Ljubljana and Opatija)

On this blitz tour you will discover not only main highlights of two charming capitals, Zagreb and Ljubljana, but beyond...fairy-tale-castle, baroque romantic cityies and Queen of the Adriatic, all put up and served in one small cute package. Take a ride and let yourself feel.



In just 4 days you will see all attractions you can in capital of Croatia, Zagreb and even more, capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana. On such small territorial area, but full of natural and historical beauties you will find so many differences in nature, climate, people, customs, and food.

Zagreb, a city with two faces – old, misterious and full of intrigues and new, with all characteristics of modern, urban Europan city.

Following ancient tracks which will lead us to the Trakošćan castle, one of the best preserved and most beautiful castles in Europe. We will see magnificent old baroque city Varaždin, romantic picturesque city, revived with beautiful parks, flowers, music, rich history and culture.

Ljubljana, a city of culture, a city of youth, a city of positive vibes.

We will also see the oldest and one of the most famous pilgrimage and sanctuaries in Croatian, built on a hill top, standing like a proud and strong fortress.

And at the end of our journey we are facing pureness of deep blue Adriatic Sea, the most beautiful sea in the world. We will meet one of the oldest and most beautiful resorts on the Coast – lady Opatija.

DURATION: 5 days / 4 nights


DAY 1 – arrival to ZAGREB

Our adventure begins! Zagreb says hello with its wings wide spread. Your guide and driver will meet you at the airport and take you to the hotel in the city center. After check-in, our Zagreb story starts... Discover stories of the Upper town, formerly called Gradec, who has kept its original appearance and atmosphere of some old times. Located on the slope of the Medvednica Mountain, it was fortified with walls and towers and presented the strongest power in these times.

We’ll take you to a pleasant walk around the upper town of Zagreb. Don’t be surprised if the silence will suddenly be interrupted at exactly at noon. Don’t be afraid, the city is not under siege, it is just the "Grič cannon" marking its usual noon activity. According to the old legend, the king Bela IV, who proclaimed Zagreb as a free royal city in 1094, left one cannon to the city of Zagreb and ordered that cannon to be in use every day so it wouldn’t get rusty.

You will experience the most beautiful market on the open air, located in the heart of the city. Dolac is the biggest and most famous market in Zagreb, with a distinctive touch of history and tradition. You will find here many traditional and organic groceries, as well as meet the friendly market sellers called "kumica".

Take a ride with a funicular which connects Upper and Lower town, long only 66 meters, makes the shortest public-transport funiculars in the world.

You will also see the most vibrant street in Zagreb - Tkalčićeva street, among its citizens popularly called Tkalča, developed between the two oldest parts of Zagreb, historical Kaptol and Gradec. Tkalčićeva street has been in the past a home of craftsmen and merchants, and today it is a picturesque promenade where are situated most famous art galleries, charming coffee shops and street-festivals.

This is just a start of your journey... So many interesting stories are waiting to be told.

Overnight in Zagreb, 4* or 5* hotel in the city center


After breakfast we are heading to the north, to the fairy-tale castle. Trakošćan castle is one of best preserved castles in Europe. With beautiful surroundings, lakes and woods of over 8 hectares it is a relaxing destination. With tour through the castle you can relive the life of their former inhabitants. It is known for its owners the family Draskovic, who besides Zrinski, was one of the most popular Croatian noble families from the feudal era. Beautifully situated on a hill with a garden in the midst of Park Forest, Trakošćan is amongst the highest category monuments of culture and nature. Take a tour through knights’ room, the hunting room, music salon, specimens of firearms dating from the 13th to the 19th centuries. Walk through the most beautifully formed parks in Croatia with rich vegetation and fascinating view. Moreover, a beautiful romantic gardens, built on the model of English parks, and a large lake in front of the castle is something that should not be missed.

Varaždin is one of the oldest and the most beautiful Central European cities. Owing to its charm and baroque architecture, Varaždin has been historically dubbed "Little Vienna". The city, whose rich history goes back to the 12th century, was home to the region’s wealthiest nobles, landowners, artisans and artists. Once the capital of Croatia, Varazdin is a beautiful city with a wealth of cultural and architectural treasures. The city boasts a baroque city center, with numerous museums and galleries. The cities landmark attraction is the 16th Century Stari Grad (The Old city) castle which houses the Town Museum. Famous Varazdin's Cemetery represents valuable monument of the park architecture and it is one of the most beautiful one in Europe. In 2010 Forbes declared Varaždin as the best place to live and work in Croatia. Among its many awards is that of the most tastefully arranged and best maintained destination in continental Croatia, the title it has received nine times.

We are coming to Ljubljana in the evening.

Overnight in Ljubljana, 4* or 5* hotel in the city center.


Ljubljana is a small city and perfect for exploring. Very soon you might feel like exploring its surroundings. We would take you to experience amazing park Tivoli in the city center, while you will see the Ljubljanica River flowing through the center of town, past Baroque buildings and under the ramparts of the ancient castle on the hill. The new city and modern-day commercial core lies to the west of the river, while the old city and the castle are located on the east side of the river. Many bridges cross the river, the most famous of which is Tromostovje (Triple Bridge), designed by famous architect Jože Plečnik. Baroque and art-nouveau have marked this exceptional city, together with new, modern architectural styles. Main attraction of the city is and Old town, built on a hill as a fortress, from which you will see Ljubljana and its magnificent surroundings.

As a Ljubljana trade-mark, the Dragon Bridge is one of the most well known sights of the city. Four green dragons, two on each side, stand proudly to guard the bridge and the city itself. Though ladies beware….the dragon is said to wave its tail, when the bridge is crossed by a virgin!

Ljubljana is perfect destination to all in during whole year - in the summer, its center hosts a number of city sponsored events, from children workshops and public playgrounds on the streets that get closed for traffic for the occasion, to Trnfest's off-beat street performances and musical events of all genres. In autumn it shows its academic face as it fills again by students of the state's largest university to whom the city owes much of its youthful character. Cold December days are warmed by thousand of lights, the new year's decoration conceived by local artists, and by food and drinks sold from street stands on the banks of Ljubljanica River. Enjoy Ljubljana!

Overnight in Ljubljana, 4* or 5* hotel in the city center


After breakfast we are leaving Slovenia and heading toward south, to meet sun, blue sky and beautiful, crystal clear Adriatic see. We will spend the days in Queen of the Adriatic – Opatija. Opatija, like a beautiful lady, enjoys her riches and fullness of life. Opatija’s villas and hotels of exceptional architectural value, surrounded by the evergreen mountain Učka, healing sea and beautifully arranged parks, have perfectly combined the modern spirit and the benefits of a top tourist offer. Because of its unique climate and temperature, Opatija is attractive not only in the hot summer months when offering refreshment, but in the winter as well, with its mild and warm temperatures because of which it was a popular resort and sanatorium of the Austrian aristocracy.

Opatija is a place rich in cultural and entertainment events, unique culinary delicacies and, in recent years, in superb wellness and beauty treatments. Opatija is absolutely the ideal destination for a totally relaxing holiday. Each visitor of the beautiful Opatija lives with its timeless beauty, carrying it with himself wherever he goes.

On our way to Zagreb, we will visit one of the oldest and most beautiful Sanctuaries in Croatia – St' Mary's in Trsat near city Rijeka. The Church of Our Lady is located on Trsat, a 135 meter high hill. Due to the church, Trsat has been the site of 700 years of exceptional religious events and gatherings. As the sanctuary of Our Lady, it is the oldest Croatian sanctuary of pilgrimage dedicated to the continual adoration of the Holy Virgin. Historical turmoil has never been able to thrust this sanctuary into oblivion. Arrival to Zagreb in the evening.

Overnight in 4* or 5* hotel in the city center.

Day 5 – Departure from ZAGREB

Our wonderful journey throughout Croatia and Slovenia has come to the end. We will drive you to Zagreb Airport to catch your returning flight. We wish you a safe journey home, together with your memories collected in these small, but so diverse countries. Till some next time, CroStory team says good-bye...


All Prices and based per person and expressed in Euros.

Price for tour with private guide:

Persons Price
2 1360 €
3-4 1150 €
5-6 1030 €
7-8 880 €

Included in the price:
- Organization of the tour
- Accommodation in 5 and 4 star hotels, breakfast included
- 5 days / 4 overnights
- Comfortable air-conditioned vehicle (car or minivan) transfers
- Professional guidance – service provided by CroStory guide and driver
- All entrance tickets: Trakošćan castle, Old Town Varaždin, Old fortress Ljubljana
- Sightseeing service: Zagreb, Varaždin, Trakošćan, Ljubljana, Opatija
- Welcome dinner in Zagreb tavern
- Lunch in one of the best Ljubljana restaurants

Please note: Prices are not fixed, they are flexible depending on a season period and hotel rates. Therefore we suggest you to send us a request so we could make for you a final offer. The travel arrangement can always be customized to your specific preferences. For more details, please send your request to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Too often overlooked by tourists making a beeline for the coast, Zagreb is a fascinating destination on its own, combining the best of Eastern and Western Europe. As the political, economic and cultural capital of Croatia, the city throbs with energy but has retained a good deal of old-world graciousness.

LE FIGARO - Week-end art et plaisirs à Zagreb
Expos, bars, restos… : la capitale de la Croatie s'étourdit d'art, de fêtes et de lieux tendance. La compagnie easyJet vient d'en faire, depuis Roissy, l'une de ses nouvelles destinations.


With 1/4 of the country's population, Zagreb is a thriving energetic, inland city that warrants at least a brief visit. Zagreb is also the political and cultural center of Croatia. This is where you will find the best museums, restaurants, and shopping that Croatia has to offer.


As the capital of Croatia, Zagreb is a beautiful city rich in heritage. Parks, lakes, and ancient buildings became the pride of the town nan friendly. The city will hypnotize anyone who set foot on the green landscape.

Zagreb has emerged as a tourist destination in recent years, and much of its success has to do with the country's spectacular Adriatic coast—beautiful medieval towns, crystal-clear azure waters, and, of course, well-developed tourist resorts.

Tourist attractions in Zagreb, Croatia's capital, are manifold. The area with the most things to see in Zagreb is the old town, where a stroll through the cobbled streets is in itself an experience.




Slovenia's capital, Ljubljana (pronounced lyoob-lyonna) — with a lazy old town clustered around a castle-topped mountain — is often compared to Salzburg. Ljubljana's biggest attraction is its ambience. The Ljubljanica River, lined with cafés, restaurants, and a buzzing outdoor market, divides the city in half. Most sights are either on or just a short walk from the river, which is crossed by several interesting bridges, the most famous being Plecnik's Triple Bridge.




Look out for the art nouveau architecture and the efforts of genius architect and Ljubljana citizen Joze Plecni. He is more renowned for his beneficial effect on Vienna and Prague, hence Ljubljana's other nickname, Little Prague. Slovenians are pretty welcoming. They like to enjoy themselves, although it's usually nothing too riotous. English is not widely spoken, but you can easily get by with smiles and pointing.


The most fascinating room in the castle, however, is the Knights Room, with its collection of weaponry from the 15th-19th century. Walking past the displays one can trace their development from crude arms to more sophisticated weapons.

It is a great attraction to enjoy with kids because they particularly love exploring the castle; with the lake and forest providing its setting it really does appear to be straight out of a fairytale or a medieval romance.




This small baroque town is known as being also named ”Small Vienna”, probably because of its similarity with old Baroque architecture style of Vienna as well as, many of the important buildings in the city were designed by some of the most famous Viennese architects.


This journey was second time for my sister and me to visit small but diverse Croatia. After visiting Dalmatia two years ago, we decided to take shorter 4 day tour and experience Zagreb, Varazdin, Kvarner and Ljubljana, capital of Slovenia. We chose agency CroStory and we can say only the best about their level of services, sincere kindness and opportunity to adapt this tour to our preferences. Our guide Vjeko greeted us in professional but friendly manner and was on our disposal during our tour. What else to say except that cities as Zagreb and Varazdin has warm and welcome people…Ljubljana is a small beautiful city, which is literally living next to the river… and Opatija with long walks near to sea...unique!
Yoshiko Miakawa, Japan

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